Concert: 20.06.2023, 19.30 Uhr

Piano sonata Rudolf Buchbinder


Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano sonata Nr. 3 C-Dur op. 2 Nr. 3
Allegro con brio – Adagio – Scherzo/Trio: Allegro – Allegro Assai

Piano sonata Nr. 18 d-moll op. 31 Nr. 2 “Der Sturm”
Largo – Adagio – Allegretto

Piano sonata Nr. 21 Es-Dur op. 53 «Waldstein-Sonate»
Dem Grafen von Waldstein gewidmet
Allegro con brio – Introduzione – Rondo: Allegretto moderato – Prestissimo

No break

When Rudolf Buchbinder, he tells it cheerfully, once met Friedrich Gulda in the Munich hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten," a thoroughly characteristic conversation took place between the two artists - who held each other in high esteem as pianists. When Gulda asked Buchbinder where he was going, Buchbinder answered truthfully: "To the concert for my Beethoven cycle." To which Gulda replied, "Tell me, aren't you bored with Beethoven already?" But Buchbinder commented on this as follows: "To be honest, the question is completely incomprehensible to me, because I always discover something new in such masterpieces ..." All too skeptical readers may think this is mere lip service, although Buchbinder does comment in this way several times in his memoir. "One can possibly gorge oneself on some dishes. But never 'gorge' on the masterpieces of piano literature, even if one has performed them hundreds of times," he once says. Buchbinder's confession sounds movingly idealistic: "I aspire to experience the climax of my pianistic career at the end of my life. Of course, I don't know when that will be ... What a pity! In my profession, in truth, one has never achieved anything - there are always increases."