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    «Music is higher than all wisdom and philosophy» – Ludwig van Beethoven.

  • Rudolf Buchbinder, 20.06.2023


This year's AEGERI CONCERTS series is dedicated to the piano in all its diversity. The legendary world-famous and great pianist Rudolf Buchbinder opens the series with the
most beautiful works of Ludwig van Beethoven. This will be followed by two wonderful duos: the magnificent mezzo-soprano Marie Seidler and the renowned pianist and song accompanist Marcelo Amaral, who will captivate us with songs for the Rose Season. Swiss violinist Anna Brunner and Singaporean pianist Shaun Choo will present special works by Fritz Kreisler as well as Brahms' Sonata for Piano and Violin op. 108, which he composed during the summer months of 1886-1888 at Lake Thun.

With Kit Armstrong we were able to engage one of the most gifted and virtuosic pianists of our time, he will take us through 500 years of piano history. Our series concludes with the talented Chinese pianist Huijing Han and the well-known speaker and actress Ulrike Hübschmann, who will set the mood for winter with wonderful piano works and letters by Robert and Clara Schumann.

Let us take you on a journey into the world of the fine arts!

Keresztes Artists presents

Rudolf Buchbinder

Piano recital


Also in 2023 we may welcome Rudolf Buchbinder again.

More info coming soon!

Huijing Han &
Ulrike Hübschmann

Piano & Literature:
Huijing Han - Klavier
Ulrike Hübschmann - Sprecherin

10.11.2022, 19.30 Uhr

Kit Armstrong

Piano recital

27.10.2022, 19.30 Uhr

Anna Brunner &
Shaun Choo

Anna Brunner - Violine
Shaun Choo - Klavier

15.09.2022, 19.30 Uhr

Marie Seidler &
Marcelo Amaral

Marie Seidler - Mezzosopran
Marcelo Amaral - Klavier

23.08.2022, 19.30 Uhr

Rudolf Buchbinder

Piano recital

04.07.2022, 19.30 Uhr


11 / 2022

Deep from Schumann's soul

With music combined with literature - both from the hand of one of the most important composers of the Romantic period - the new cultural format the new cultural format "Aegeri Concerts" fades away. The moving audience can look forward to another season.

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