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    «Musik ist höher als alle Weisheit und Philosophie» – Ludwig van Beethoven.


03 / 2023

Top-class concerts enrich the Äger cultural year

"Aegeri Concerts" is entering its second season. The new classical music format in the Aegerihalle aims to become the cross-border
Aegeri Valley's flagship event. This also meets with goodwill from the municipality.

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11 / 2022

Deep from Schumann's soul

With music combined with literature - both from the hand of one of the most important composers of the Romantic period - the new cultural format the new cultural format "Aegeri Concerts" fades away. The moving audience can look forward to another season.

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11 / 2022

Piano music from five centuries

Outstanding pianist - gratifyingly large audience - intense applause: the Ägerihalle experienced an interesting piano recital with Kit Armstrong.

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08 / 2022

The violet dies last

Marie Seidler and Marcelo Amaral interpreted a variety of songs around the symbolism of flowers in Unterägeri.

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08 / 2022

Songs about love and loss

At the "Aegeri Concerts" mezzo-soprano Marie Seidler and pianist Marcelo Amaral dedicate the evening to coming into being and passing away.

07 / 2022


With his incomparable Beethoven interpretations, the star pianist has the audience on his side from the first note. The start of the new cultural format in the Aegeri valley was a success - the omens for the rest of the programme are good.

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02 / 2022

Agency from Baar brings excellent classical music to the Aegeri Valley

The new cultural format "Aegeri Concerts" brings top-class musicians to Canton Zug.

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